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The History of Teeth Whitening Carrollton, GA
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Did you know that the concept of teeth whitening has been around since ancient times? Since then, however, teeth whitening methods have made significant advancements in terms of both safety and effectiveness. The professional teeth whitening treatment we use today didn’t begin until the late 1980’s.

The desire for whiter teeth and the factors that stain teeth haven’t changed throughout history. Teeth can discolor due to aging, foods like coffee, soda, and wine, smoking, poor dental hygiene, medications, certain diseases and genetic factors. You’d be surprised at how creative people have been in the past when it comes to removing these stains to achieve a whiter smile. Here’s a closer look at how teeth whitening has advanced through history:

Ancient Egyptians – As a status symbol, they were known for mixing ground pumice with white vinegar and rubbing it on their teeth with a frayed stick to whiten them.

Romans –This people group realized that the ammonia in human urine had a whitening effect on their teeth!

17th century Renaissance – Barbers were the ones that performed most dental work. They took an aggressive approach and used a file to “rough up” the tooth surface. Next, they’d apply nitric acid to whiten them. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that this purposeful attempt to damage the enamel also greatly increased the chance of tooth decay.

19th century – Thankfully, dentists took on the task of treating the teeth during this time period. As they experimented with gum disease therapy using hydrogen peroxide, they discovered that this solution also had a lightening effect on the teeth.

1960’s – Experiments and studies with hydrogen peroxide as a teeth whitening agent continued. Dentists found that soaking extracted teeth in peroxide overnight could lighten the teeth by several shades!

1989 – First real tooth bleaching began. A whitening gel (carbamide peroxide) known as Opalescence was first patented and tooth bleaching trays were custom fabricated to fit the exact mold of the patient’s teeth. Patients were instructed to sleep with the whitening mouth guards for 10-14 nights to produce desired teeth whitening results. This launched several new whitening systems used by dentists nationwide.

Today, there are countless ways to whiten your teeth, especially if you count the products on the grocery store shelves. For the most proven and effective teeth whitening, it is always best to go to your dentist. Over-the-counter whitening products are not customized to your unique smile and can be too abrasive or do more harm than good.

At the office of Dr. Tejal Kakade, we proudly offer some of the most proven teeth whitening systems available. We can help you erase stubborn stains and help you gain the bright, attractive smile you deserve!

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Quinderious R.

This was absolutely the best experience I have ever had with any dentist. Dr. Tejal is so attentive to the needs of her patients. She cares deeply about the quality of service provided and taking care of you individually. You don't feel like a number. You leave knowing that you received the best care and beautiful smile to go with it.

Robin H.

I have never had a bad experience going to see Dr. Kakade and her amazing, caring staff. They make it super easy to book an appointment, send you helpful reminders via text, and you are in and out in a short amount of time with hardly any wait time. The office is warm and inviting with nice decor and even dentist chairs that massage you! Best of all, the entire staff genuinely care about their patients and want to help them have the best experience possible. They remember you and get to know you. I actually look forward to going!

Larry S.

Dr. Tejal and her wonderful staff do everything humanly possible to make every patient feel welcomed, supported, and cared for with the utmost compassion and professionalism. It feels as though one has been adopted into a family of caretakers and that you are a part of the family. 5 Stars and thumbs up all the way! They are the best! I speak from personal experience.


My family has used Dr. Tejal since she started her practice in Carrollton. She is thorough, detailed, and comprehensive in her approach to dental care. She seems to invest in new technology and modern methods to make routine and extraordinary care as easy for the patient as possible. Candy has been my hygienist for over a decade and does a fantastic job restoring my teeth to tip-top shape. On the rare occasion when Candy was unavailable, the other members of Dr. Tejal's team have been excellent.

Jordan D.

Calm and peaceful office.

Prentice M.

Wonderful office staff, nice environment. Dr. Tejal and staff do a great job of making one feel comfortable and the dental work after local anesthesia want uncomfortable. Few people like going to the dentist, but my experience here has been excellent.

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